It's our battle cry- we basically just want anarchy in all our fictional universes

  • Alexandra: Burn the sorting hat, take down the White Council, put Aslan in a zoo!
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someone take this thing away from me. 

Turns out other people like plague doctors even more than I do. 

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First night living all aloney on my owney. Little ol’ me shut up in one room of my big, empty, apartment, since it’s eight squillion degrees and my only AC unit isn’t big enough to do the whole place. 

It’s kind of glorious. Me, my AC unit, my mattress, and my two chairs are very happy together. My boxes of Ikea furniture are also very happy. 

Also happiliy, I have a lot of doors. There are three beautiful red wood doors right next to each other in the corner of my bedroom: one a closet, one to the living room, one to the little hallway to the bathroom and office. It feels a bit like Narnia.

This is not a picture of all my doors, since I can’t be bothered to turn the lights on to take a good one. My living room is darn nice too.

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Don’t joke about the lake monsters.

This seems very accurate.

It’s super weird that they left out Utah

Izzy’s sad that no seems to get her fnord joke so she asked me to appreciate it.


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I have decided to change my name to Icarus and join a commune in California and smoke pot all day.

Actual, genuine story of my life, right here.


That’s it, that’s our relationship.

That does, indeed, sum it up.

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Feeling a bit like Icarus tonight… here’s hoping I haven’t actually flown too high, or at least that I used a better adhesive. 





here to defeat his brother Lokitty

I literally laughed at this four a good three minutes before Reblogging it

"That is a very good dog," Thor says. :D

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