Don’t joke about the lake monsters.

This seems very accurate.

It’s super weird that they left out Utah

Izzy’s sad that no seems to get her fnord joke so she asked me to appreciate it.


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I have decided to change my name to Icarus and join a commune in California and smoke pot all day.

Actual, genuine story of my life, right here.


That’s it, that’s our relationship.

That does, indeed, sum it up.

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Feeling a bit like Icarus tonight… here’s hoping I haven’t actually flown too high, or at least that I used a better adhesive. 





here to defeat his brother Lokitty

I literally laughed at this four a good three minutes before Reblogging it

"That is a very good dog," Thor says. :D

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first a girl gets stabbed and killed by a dude at school because she refused to go to prom with him

now seven women are dead and more are injured because some idiot tool felt like sex or even attention from women was something that was somehow “owed” to him

how many more times does this have to happen before we start getting it through our heads that male entitlement fucking kills people

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Excuse me while I DIE OF LAUGHTER

Well.  All right, then.

This is the greatest thing on this darn website

I can’t even believe that this exists.

Reblogging for Izzy

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  • An un-named person of my acquaintance: I really hope no one last night had herpes.
  • Un-named person's friend: Well, we all have a little bit of herpes.


"If you were to give one piece of advice to a large group of people, what would it be?"
"Don’t have a third kid."

This is a man who doesn’t realize how famous HONY is, who thinks he was getting out his angst to a stranger in the city. I’m sure his kids will enlighten him tonight, before they and his partner move out and he is left all alone, forever.

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